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Games and Application Design.
Our new venture for Virtual Vidiot. Soon we will be providing games and applications for unique customer interactivity. Applications can connect your customers to information through their mobile device without opening a browser window. Until then please enjoy these demos.

Mammoth Journey 10,000 BCE

Mammoth Journey 10,000 BCE Actual Game Video What did Santa Clara Valley and Bay Area look like over 12,000 years ago when Colombian Mammoths roamed the Landscape? Mammoth Journey 10,000 BCE gives us a look at…
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Virtual Vidiot’s Guide to Guitar Chords

Learn to play Major and Minor chords and may others with this easy to use guide.¬† Select¬† a chord type and follow the easy to use charts that show you finger placement. This program was created in Flash .swf and…
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Virtual Fireworks

Celebrate the 4th of July in Virtual Reality!

Download for Quest

Click here to download .apk file.
Use Application like SideQuest to install or "Sideload" to your device.

Download for Windows PC

Click here to download for Windows PC.
Use Occulus PC-link or Air-link to play from your Windows PC to your device.